Marketing Strategy

Howmet Aerospace

Single-Source Marketing Solution Addresses Howmet Aerospace's Unique Needs

Provide global branded product resources on demand.


Howmet Aerospace is a global leader in engineered metal products. It creates engines, fasteners and more for aerospace, defense, and the commercial transportation industry. The client asked us to create a brand asset management and distribution solution for its marketing team to service 214 clients in 19 countries.



After studying the client’s processes, our team created a web-based single-source solution. This enabled us to meet the company’s unique marketing and stakeholder needs by addressing:

  • Manage all branding, print, website, digital, strategy, promo Items, tradeshow, distribution and advertising within a single web-based platform.
  • Implement a customized dashboard to manage inventory and collateral distribution.
  • Provide global on-brand product info on demand.



Here’s how our performance and approach improved the client’s results: 

  • Dramatically reduced the effort required to manage inventory and collateral distribution.
  • Reduced waste associated with out-of-date collateral.
  • Increased the speed of all stakeholders in acquiring branded collateral.
  • Improve company-wide communications by dramatically reducing the touches required to meet requests.

“Your group truly understands our business and is now an extension of us in terms of the knowledge and ideas you bring to the table.” 

– Ryan Bonner, Distribution and Supply Chain Manager, Americas