Brand Activation

Michigan Manufacturers Association

Establishment of Brand Direction and Cohesive Value-Based Messaging Assists MMA in Building Awareness

Solidifying brand direction reinforces client’s value to manufacturers

Creation of vision, mission statements strengthens messaging

Audience communications feature better reflection of advantages


Serving one of the largest industries in Michigan since 1902, the Michigan Manufacturers Association had a need to modernize and solidify its brand image and messaging to more fully capture and tell the story about its positive impact in Michigan. The organization needed to develop a strategic messaging approach that reinforced its tremendous value to prospective and current members, the manufacturing industry and the state.

MMA had new leadership with a vision for the future of the organization. However, they needed to crystallize and formalize the vision to ensure that others in the organization were in sync with this vision and could therefore take an enthusiastic role in sharing and promoting their message.


We helped MMA obtain a clearer definition and understanding of their own value to key audience segments by leading them through an extensive process in which we collected the various viewpoints of team members and then analyzed and consolidated these viewpoints.

With these insights, we helped MMA identify and document messaging that captured the true essence of the organization and its value to the manufacturing industry, as well as how to share that message via external and internal communications. By enhancing MMA’s brand vision, value propositions and rallying cry, we helped MMA align its team’s efforts regarding the organization’s overarching goals, as well as how they spoke about MMA with members, prospective members, government leaders and the community at large. 

With solidified brand statements and a clearer vision of the path forward, MMA has been able to weave this messaging into verbal and written communications including informative videos, interviews, reports, brochures and welcome kits for its members and prospective audiences. This stronger and more cohesive messaging has also been used to enhance MMA’s primary website, its Coolest Thing Made in Michigan website and its MiMfg Magazine, which we helped transform into a more informative and visually appealing product, exclusive to its members.


Through our Authentic Marketing approach, MMA’s messaging has been aligned from an internal standpoint with a goal of promoting the manufacturing industry and supporting manufacturers in the state. By helping MMA enhance and streamline its value-based messaging, the organization now has a more cohesive brand image and has gained greater recognition of its positive impact on the industry. Its outreach to manufacturers throughout the state has increased as well, helping to generate more interest in MMA membership.

The client was extremely pleased with the results and continues to use this value-based messaging as it serves its members and Michigan’s manufacturing industry as a whole.

Phoenix Innovate has been a valuable strategic partner to MMA. They guided us through a transformational messaging process that helped us synchronize our value proposition, better define our value as an organization and how we engage with our stakeholders. Thanks to Phoenix, we now have a consistent and compelling brand voice that inspires our members and aligns us as an organization.

- Delaney McKinley, Executive Vice President of Operations