Omnichannel Marketing

Drainage Solutions Inc.

Omnichannel Marketing Campaign Increases Traffic to Client’s E-Commerce Site and Tradeshow Booth

Cohesive imagery and messaging boosts company’s image.

Segmentation strategies increase number of leads.

Social media and email marketing raise awareness of services.


Indiana-based Drainage Solutions Inc. (DSI) provides municipal, commercial and residential drainage solutions for numerous industries. When DSI marketed its services to its audience in the past, they relied on multiple vendors, and the company’s value as a solutions provider was not being presented as strongly as it could have been. These issues combined led to shortcomings, inconsistency and inaccuracy in messaging.

With goals of increasing brand awareness, elevating the perception of their brand and generating high-quality leads, DSI representatives planned to attend an industry tradeshow geared toward hardscaping, landscaping, golfing grounds and grounds maintenance professionals.


We employed an omnichannel marketing strategy to help DSI meet its goals, including helping them gain more exposure prior to and during the tradeshow. We saw the tradeshow as an opportunity to help DSI increase brand awareness and generate high-quality leads while also positioning the business as a leading provider of innovative drainage solutions within these industries.

Through discovery meetings with DSI leaders, we gained numerous insights about DSI’s benefits to their clients. Using these insights, we developed value-based messaging with a cohesive brand voice, an important factor in a company’s ability to attract, engage and retain audiences. We created an omnichannel campaign comprised of several digital and print touchpoints in order to raise awareness and present a more comprehensive view of the company’s value to clients. These channels also allowed us to reach a much larger audience in the days leading up to the tradeshow, helping to increase awareness of DSI and drive attendees to their tradeshow booth. 

Because Phoenix Innovate is a single-source solution for omnichannel marketing, the client no longer had a need for multiple vendors. We provided consistent messaging across multiple channels, helping the client go to market with unified messaging that emphasized DSI’s value.


We established an overarching messaging strategy that DSI can use to meet its overall goals moving forward. 

By focusing on the specific needs and interests of landscapers/hardscapers and the golf/grounds maintenance industry, we also supported DSI in their efforts to stand out during the tradeshow and establish the business as a leading provider of innovative solutions for these industries. Our omnichannel campaign resulted in numerous benefits for DSI, including: 

  • An increase in traffic to their e-commerce site
  • An increase in social media engagement, with an engagement rate that exceeds the national average
  • Receiving more than 20,000 engagements on tradeshow posts
  • Generating 119 leads from in-person interactions during the tradeshow
  • Generating an email open rate of 36 percent with a 10 percent click-through rate prior to the tradeshow, as well as an email open rate of 52 percent with a 14 percent click-through rate for new client prospects after the tradeshow
Tradeshow collateral and social media marketing posts created for Drainage Solutions, Inc.