Marketing Strategy

Detroit Zoological Society

Annual Report’s Impactful Content and Design Heighten Awareness of Detroit Zoo’s Value

Annual report positions the Zoo as a valuable resource.

Publication helps facilitate increased donor support.


The Detroit Zoological Society (DZS) demonstrates extraordinary leadership in conservation, animal welfare, education and environmental sustainability. The organization needed to find a provider for their 2021 annual report that could write, photograph, design, print and mail this important and time-sensitive project. They needed the annual report to not only convey the Detroit Zoo’s value in southeast Michigan, but also to serve as a tool to help gain support from individual donors and community leaders.

Managing the various vendors needed for outsourcing the development and production of a publication like this can be a time-consuming task for a client. In addition, finding a provider that could address all these aspects is difficult.


The team at the Detroit Zoo was pleased to find a single source to handle every aspect of their annual report: Phoenix Innovate (PI).

PI provided a complete turnkey solution that included consultation, content creation, photography, graphic design, project management and print and mailing services. We also designed an eye-catching, engaging infographic to present data in an easily digestible manner. This all-encompassing approach addressed the client’s needs and goals for the annual report.

We took an active role in managing the project responsibilities in addition to the services required, such as:

  • Interviewing key stakeholders to discover relevant topics for content.
  • Telling the Detroit Zoo’s unique story by developing exciting and relevant content, as well as providing beautiful photography of their animals, staff, visitors and exhibits.
  • Improving efficiency, graphic design and print quality, accountability and cost-effectiveness.
  • Developing a design that could be delivered through digital channels such as email and the Zoo’s website.


Our approach led to the creation of a comprehensive, beautiful publication that heightened awareness of the DZS's value to the community. The publication also helped facilitate increased donor support. 

The 2021 Annual Report exceeded the DZS’s expectations for design, content, quality and cost. The client was so happy that Phoenix Innovate was asked to create their 2022 annual report as well.