Dave Sienko named Senior Vice President, Marketing Services

Dave Sienko brings over 20 years of direct marketing experience to Phoenix Innovate in his new role as Senior Vice President, Marketing Services. As part of Phoenix Innovate’s leadership team, Dave will work with clients to leverage data for scalable, adaptable insights-driven marketing.

Dave will employ his deep understanding of postal regulations and processes to push Phoenix Innovate’s mailing services to the leading edge; providing clients with even more efficiencies in their direct mail projects. Reduced postage and faster delivery in-home are just two of the benefits we will deliver for our clients because of Dave’s expertise.

Dave’s understanding and experience working with the insights gained from research and audience segmentation plus his commitment to client service make him a perfect fit at Phoenix Innovate. Together with the marketing services team, Dave will help clients understand how insights can be applied across an organization to create the emotional connections that build strong relationships between an organization and its customer, donor and member audiences.

When he’s not working, Dave Sienko can be found behind the wheel of his Ford Taurus, shuttling one of his four grateful kids between baseball, football, softball, soccer, basketball and golf practice.

Kirk Vercnocke
Kirk Vercnocke


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