Custom Application

National Health Insurance Company

Health Insurance Provider Custom Application

Custom-integration provides 24/7 access to automate job submission and manage production status.

Drastic reduction in the soft and hard costs associated with managing projects.


A national health insurance provider needed to automate its high volume, quick turnaround direct mail communications. With millions of managed care members, manual project management could not keep up with demand. The answer was a software-based solution that could interface with the company’s internal software tools. The client also wanted additional production and reporting capabilities to improve the speed of accessing information. 


Our development team worked with the client to understand and define all the variables required to transfer and validate job specifications and related artwork. We created a custom web-based application that would:

  • Ingest projects
  • Display those projects on a dashboard
  • Track production progress
  • Pause or cancel projects through the dashboard
  • Resubmit new art or direction as needed


Our Authentic Marketing approach generated these transformative and sustainable results: 

  • Reduction in “touches” by staff
  • 24/7 insights into production status of projects
  • Immediate access to production reports
  • Date/time stamps for verification of production and distribution
  • No HIPAA violations