40X Better than Average

Phoenix Innovate is pleased to announce our 2018 spoilage rate of .1%. According to the latest survey from Printing Industries of America (PIA), the industry average is 4%.

PIA, the leading trade association for the print industry, defines spoilage as mistakes that result in unsaleable product, rework, and wasted consumables and raw materials.

Over the years, Phoenix Innovate has exhaustively analyzed our processes and performance to reduce spoilage and optimize our ability to consistently exceed client expectations for quality, accuracy and on-time delivery.

And because we couldn’t have achieved this low spoilage rate without a strong commitment to quality from every member of the team at every step in the process, we want to take this opportunity to say CONGRATULATIONS and THANK YOU! Phoenix Innovators aren’t just 40X better than average, they’re the best!

Kirk Vercnocke
Kirk Vercnocke


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