One Point and UN Communications Group are Now Phoenix Innovate

Ever since the days we acquired One Point in 2021 and UN Communications Group in 2022, we knew we were destined to become one.

Now, the pieces have come together, as One Point (OP) and UN Communications Group (UNC) are officially known as Phoenix Innovate.

As a result, PI can continue streamlining, consolidating and enhancing solutions for the benefit of its clients in Michigan, Indiana and beyond. 

“Having one unified brand will make it easier for us to function as a team,” says Mark Gaskill, Executive Vice President of Marketing and Research Strategies. “By migrating One Point and UN Communications to the Phoenix Innovate name, it helps us continue to unify and expand our solutions and it allows the team to feel the pride and stronger connection throughout the organization.”

CEO Kirk Vercnocke says he certainly does not view the brand change as a renouncement of the great brands we have acquired. Instead, it represents our core value of creating mutually beneficial relationships and predictability in the experience everyone has in their interactions with PI.

“I view it mostly as an effort that eliminates confusion about who we are and what we stand for,” Vercnocke says. “I believe it is very important to communicate to all of our stakeholders, clients, vendors, suppliers and incredible coworkers that we are united in our objectives and synergy.”

Justin Cassetty, who came to PI from One Point as Senior Vice President of Sales, says clients he has spoken with are not surprised about the name change.

“As long as we continue to deliver excellent results, provide world-class service and pay attention to detail, our clients aren’t really concerned about what we’re called,” he says. “They’re fine as long as the culture, values and excellence continue.”

Lori Darland, who came to PI as the Director of Business Development at UNC, says the consolidation of the three brands benefits clients due to the more comprehensive solutions now available to them. She is especially proud to boast about Phoenix Innovate’s HITRUST Certification, which instills even greater confidence in clients that the processes, care and security are in place to keep their data private and safe.

“Clients are extremely impressed with this certification because it is key in today’s world,” Darland says. “They are even happier that our performance and execution combined with the certification means they no longer have the potential of HIPAA violations to address.”

Chris DuBach, Executive Vice President of Sales and Business Development, says that the consolidation of our brands adds clarity so that clients know they are talking to people from one company – not possibly speaking with competitors or receiving multiple calls from different businesses. 

“It provides a whole lot of clarity,” Chris says. “Having a complete suite of marketing and execution services all under the PI brand is our DNA. It’s especially important for our clients, as it helps them reduce internal efforts to educate and manage multiple partners.”

Months of work and planning occurred behind the scenes in order to consolidate the brands, such as placing PI signage around the Anderson, Indiana, buildings and updating technology.

“Every machine had to be touched, and a lot of applications had to be touched,” says John Holloway, VP of IT Infrastructure. “Making these changes will be very beneficial in the long run. Operating on a single network across multiple locations allows us to optimize our efforts to best serve our clients.”

It will be helpful to feel connected as one company under one name, Project Manager Terri Everett agrees.

“Working together under the PI name will only help us continue to build relationships both internally and externally,” she says.

Kirk Vercnocke
Kirk Vercnocke


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