New Warehouse Added to Accommodate Growing Demand for Distributed Marketing Services

Over the past 10 years, consumers have become very familiar with online order fulfillment through companies like Amazon and Walmart. This trend accelerated over the past few years due to consumers’ increased dependence on online shopping through the pandemic.

This is also true in the marketing world, where brands utilize a variety of on-demand and inventoried items to support their channel partners, branches, dealers and sales teams in local markets.

To meet the growing demand for these distributed marketing services, we’ve added to our warehouse storage capacity. The latest addition increases our total client inventory capacity to over 50,000 square feet with a building that has been completely remodeled with fresh lighting, updated flooring, technology, hardware and flow racking.

The warehouse contains secure storage locations and is climate controlled for clients in need of meeting FDA or other rules and regulations. The new space design features multiple shipping stations and a storage plan created to maximize efficiency. 

“We have a heavy emphasis on inventory management, kitting and fulfillment in our distributed marketing solutions,” says Justin Cassetty, One Point Senior Vice President of Sales. “We house a lot of our clients’ inventory including several hundred skids of license-owned material that we manage for customers.”

How We Help Clients Achieve Sales and Marketing Goals

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Our research-driven, data-led, custom marketing solutions focus on understanding your audience and creating dynamic results. 

We can help you reach the people you want to reach and make a positive impression on them. Reach out for more information on how to use our immersive approach.

Justin Cassetty
Justin Cassetty

Senior Vice President of Business Development

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