What is Distributed Marketing, and How Does It Work?

You may have heard the phrase “distributed marketing” and thought, “What is distributed marketing? And how does it work? Is it a good solution for my business?”

Utilizing traditional and modern technology that optimizes warehousing, kitting and fulfillment processes, distributed marketing (or Through Channel Marketing Automation) is a strategic, comprehensive solution that integrates data to deliver consistent branding experiences to best serve all stakeholders in the sales funnel. 

In other words, while ensuring that the branding and messaging remains consistent, distributed marketing “distributes” a company’s marketing resources to its channel partners (individuals such as dealers, branches and franchisees who work with a parent company to sell its products, services or technologies through a co-branding relationship).

Distributed Marketing Strategies Defined

It's necessary because overarching branding for a parent company – such as nationwide manufacturers or regional healthcare providers – can appear generic or disconnected at the local level. To combat that issue, distributed marketing integrates branding and messaging with specifics tailored for the channel partners’ local markets. As a result, the materials are personalized, yet branding and messaging remains consistent throughout the entire organization network.

In addition to ensuring brand consistency, distributed marketing creates a faster, more efficient, more defined network. 

Businesses that work with Phoenix Innovate and One Point can take advantage of ready-to-go marketing materials, house their own materials in the warehouse, or request customized products. Our inventory management systems allow us to pick, pack and ship materials on-demand to recipients around the world.

Do you want to learn more about what distributed marketing is and its benefits? See our blog channel and case studies!

Justin Cassetty
Justin Cassetty

Senior Vice President of Business Development

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