Lead Generation

Northwood University

Enrollment Increases at Northwood University after Large-Scale Research Project

Increased campus visits 25% year over year.

Met enrollment goals reversing a negative trend


Northwood University excels in developing free-enterprise leaders who will drive global economic and social progress. School officials worked for weeks or months conducting research and performing analyses to gain critical insight to improve their business. They turned to us after falling short of translating business plans into action.


Our team designed a large-scale research project for the client. This provided a greater understanding into the university’s prospective students. We presented these research findings and showed the client how to use the information to help its admissions team. From there, our group launched our comprehensive Admissions Action Plan, which included:

  • Creating a ranked list of every high school in each admissions rep’s territory.
  • Calculating number of presentations needed for “effective reach” at each school
  • Creating a month-by-month guide for targeting prospective students.
  • Building a feedback loop that improved admissions-to-marketing communication.
  • Revamping admissions presentation to better align client’s message.


Our Authentic Marketing approach generated these transformative and sustainable results:

Northwood University web page with info and a image of a large Poster, Bring Ambition - Leave Prepared
Direct mail graphic designs depicting university's brand image
Creative: Presentation graphic redesign