Using Data and Variable Messaging to Rethink the Direct Marketing 40/40/20 Rule

The 40/40/20 rule was developed over 60 years ago by direct marketing pioneer Ed Mayer to convey the value each element of a direct mail effort contributes toward driving results. The rule purports that 40% of direct mail success is attributed to the mailing list, 40% from the offer and the remaining 20% from the format, design and copy of the mail piece.

How Strategic Distributed Marketing Benefits Businesses of All Types

Now that we’ve defined what distributed marketing is, let’s talk about why it matters to you. Distributed marketing allows you to extend your brand value to your local channel partners to increase sales and marketing ROI. Through the use of technology, processes and automation, you can unload the management burdens with these partners while gaining many advantages. Benefits of distributed marketing include a reduction in project management time and resources, convenient warehouse storage and streamlined marketing and billing processes.